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Don't be fooled by greenwash

By Central Somerset Gazette  |  Posted: November 08, 2012

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As a longtime resident of Glastonbury I wouldn't dream of going anywhere near the new Tesco store.

This company is one of the most voracious businesses in the capitalist world.

They cynically manipulate people with any propaganda they can come up with in order to hoodwink yet another community into accepting their wares. This time, well aware of the large and well-established alternative residents of the town, they decide to build a green, wooden-cladded building and tout their ecological credentials as if they have suddenly become converts to a sustainable world.

Don't be fooled by this greenwash. Tesco cares nothing about sustainability. If they did, then why are not all of their stores 90 per cent carbon neutral?

I pray that when the new store is open for business nobody turns up, and they realise that this is one town where they are not at all welcome.

Ark Redwood


Ian Tucker, Mayor of Glastonbury, said: "People will vote with their feet when it comes to where they will shop".

How true for most of us who travel on foot.

We won't be shopping at the new Tesco store as it's a long walk on pedestrian unfriendly roads or an expensive bus ride away. But I expect that there are enough car users to keep it in business and potentially cause Morrisons to close.

We pedestrians can only pray that the shops on our High Street survive the unnecessary addition of a Tesco store to our town.

Hazel Pegg

Manor House Road


I see the new Tesco being built in Glastonbury has been described in the Central Somerset Gazette last week by the store manager as "beautiful".

Now a sunset over the Somerset Levels or the evening light on the west front of Wells Cathedral may perhaps be described as beautiful but a supermarket?

Incidentally I see that there was, or may still be, a sign on their construction site fencing saying that they are fitting a 'New Meat Counter', I should hope so too in a new and 'beautiful' store, I wouldn't like to think they are fitting an old one.

Michael Cooper


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